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Our Vision: The Future is 3D-Printed.

» Mass Production is limited.

Manufacturing techniques that enable mass production are the reason we have access to so many affordable products that make our lives comfortable and convenient.

But there’s a price to pay: for the things in our lives that we wear, touch, or hold - usually the things that we interact with most - a standard size and shape means an imperfect fit for basically everyone.

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» Mass Customization is the future.

In crowded markets of mass-produced goods, the next step in differentiation is customization.

Imagine a world where the things you buy are 3D-printed on-demand at prices similar to the mass-produced goods we know today. The ergonomic mouse you use will be tailored in size and shape for your palm. If you wear a brace, it'll be form-fitted to your body and tweaked for strength vs. rigidity based on your intended activities- and it'll be affordable enough to replace as your needs change.

The possibilities of mass customization are endless, but this future won’t come unless we solve some issues first.

» We need scalable additive manufacturing.

A small object the size of a coffee mug takes 8 hours to print. Thermally-induced jams happen without warning, go undetected for hours, and take about 45 minutes of trained labor to fix. Cheap 3D printers require heavy modifications, and expensive ones lock you into profit-killing proprietary materials. On-demand manufacturing businesses are in a bind, one that keeps the cost of 3D-printed products too high and priced out of the mainstream market.

Manufacturing is about to get personal.

At R3 Printing, we’re bringing you a world where custom, 3D-printed products are available at prices that can compete with mass production.

We’re disrupting a $15.8 billion-dollar industry by removing the barriers to running a scalable on-demand manufacturing business. Our products are engineered to usher in a new era of customized goods that are manufactured on-demand, just for you.

Say hello to R3 Printer.

It’s the ultimate platform for running a scalable on-demand manufacturing service.

R3 Printer is designed from the inside-out to be the additive manufacturing workhorse that businesses have been waiting for.

Radically Re-Engineered for Performance

Patent-pending innovations on multiple key components make R3 Printer a purpose-built powerhouse for manufacturing.


Active Overheat Prevention™ virtually eliminates the need for operators to engage with the printer to repair costly and time-consuming jams.


R3 Printer not only stands up to 24x7 duty cycles, but also outperforms competing extrusion-based market offerings while doing so.


Unrestricted Long-Term Value

R3 Printer is an unlocked product that gives our customers a competitive advantage.

R3 Printer - Long-Term Value

Many enterprise-grade 3D printer manufacturers lock their customers into using expensive proprietary materials. We pledge to never lock our products to a particular material or software ecosystem.

With R3 Printer, our customers can print with experimental thermoplastics to serve clients they would otherwise be forced to turn away if they were locked into a competitor’s material ecosystem.

For government agencies with strict security requirements, or businesses with very specific software workflow needs, R3 Printer is the solution. Our customers have the power to disable cloud connectivity yet still retain access to all operations and monitoring features over a local network.

A Future-Focused Platform

We didn’t just design a better 3D printer, we developed a future-focused manufacturing platform.

Future-Focused Platform

R3 PrintGrid™ is the solution for businesses with extreme manufacturing capacity needs.

By stacking R3 Printer units vertically and connecting them to a shared water cooling and power delivery system, manufacturers can operate even more efficiently by 3D-printing more parts per square foot in their factories than ever before.


R3 Printing is raising capital! If you share our vision for a customized future where products are 3D-printed on-demand, we’d love to have you on board.

We're proud to be partnering with Republic to host our latest fundraising round on their platform. Investing through Republic gives you a financial stake in R3 Printing, and they make things frictionless for both investors and their portfolio companies.


Learn more and invest here: https://republic.co/r3-printing

Deadline to Invest: September 9, 2019 11:59pm PDT


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The future of on-demand manufacturing isn’t far away.

The future of on-demand manufacturing isn’t far away.

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