3D printing that's fast, safe, and completely automated.


Running a factory of 3D printers is dangerous and expensive.

... but what if it wasn't?


We solve the biggest problems with 3D printers.

3D printers aren't appliances. Skilled, technical workers need training to safely operate and maintain printers between each and every print. This takes time and costs a lot of money.

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3D Printers Cause Injuries

Moving components, high-temperature parts, and the need for sharp tools to remove completed prints from the build area leads to injuries.

Injuries prevent 3D printing adoption. Consumers don’t want these printers in their homes, businesses can't have them in the office, and 3D printing services are expensive because they price in the operating costs. The world needs an automated printer to break this barrier.


3D Printers Are Slow

A print the size of a coffee mug can take as long as 8 hours!

3D printing adoption requires speed. Engineers and designers need to iterate within the same business day, and consumers hoping for custom-manufactured goods want to get them quickly. Printing services are constantly backlogged, because their current printers simply can't deliver.


3D Printers Are Inefficient

It takes a shockingly large printer to print something relatively small.

You need a lot of 3D printers to get work done. Large prints need to be split into multiple pieces and assembled, and you need several printers working simultaneously to get it done quickly. The value of any one printer on the market just isn't that great.


The R3 Printer

The R3 Printer is the next step in additive manufacturing. Designed solely with automation and reliability in mind, it's a standard-setting machine that unlocks the future we've all been promised.


The R3 Printer is Safe

Automation eliminates the need for operators to engage with the printer. Without the need for hands-on administration, there's less risk of injury.

Operators of an R3 Printer won't get burned, cut, or scraped.

Prints automatically eject when they're complete, eliminating the need for sharp tools in the confined space inside a 3D printer. 

Active Overheat Prevention™

Stop a key source of 3D printer jams dead in its tracks. The R3 Printhead can sense when it has absorbed too much heat, and the R3 Printer will pause printing to let it cool down. Printing resumes as soon as the print head is ready again.

Most 3D printers jam because their print heads overheat. These types of jams are time-consuming and costly to repair and require skill.

Most 3D printers jam because their print heads overheat. These types of jams are time-consuming and costly to repair and require skill.

R3 Printer with Active Overheat Prevention ™  pauses printing to cool down, eliminating jams caused by heat absorption into the print head.

R3 Printer with Active Overheat Prevention™ pauses printing to cool down, eliminating jams caused by heat absorption into the print head.

The R3 Printer is Fast

With a patent-pending and completely reimagined print head that's 84% lighter, we put the "rapid" back in "rapid prototyping".

The R3 Printer prints 90% faster than competing 3D printers.

The R3 Printer also has Active Overheat Prevention™, a proprietary system that detects print head overheating and immediately pauses the printer, eliminating the need for monitoring and intervention by an operator.

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The R3 Printer is Efficient

Coupling thoughtful chassis design and the R3 Printhead™ which sports a 75% smaller footprint than the competition, leads to unbeatable results.

The R3 Printer has a 200% increase in build area.

Factories and businesses alike can print full-size parts and vastly reduce the amount of file-splitting and reassembly in their workflows, dramatically reducing overhead costs.


Who We Are

Meet the experienced founding team behind R3 Printing.


Dan Downs

Business Development & Strategy

Former broker of Manhattan commercial real estate. Ran the R3 Printing service bureau in Manhattan. Serial jaywalker.

2500+ hours of print time clocked.


Paul Sieradzki

Engineering & Product

Former operations associate at Morgan Stanley and a top hedge fund. Has a black belt in automation. Pizza inhaler.

3800+ hours of print time clocked.

Our Advisors

Len Gray


Principal @ Gray, PLLC

General Council for Interplay Ventures

Ray Spoljaric

Development Advisor

CEO of AloeCare (formerly ComfortCam)

Prior: State Street, Bloomberg

Jim Allen

Manufacturing Advisor


Prior: Voodoo Manufacturing, Shapeways

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