R3 Printing is proud to be partners with these companies and organizations as part of our mission to build the ultimate on-demand manufacturing platform for the customized, 3D-printed future.


R3 Printing is a current incubee and resident at NYDesigns, located in Long Island City, NY. NYDesigns provides us with office space, access to a network of mentors and advisors, and a secure 5,000 square-foot fabrication lab.

Incubators: NYDesigns + Futureworks

Other incubation programs we’ve had the pleasure to partner and grow with include Futureworks, a hardware and advanced manufacturing incubator funded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

Venture Capital

R3 Printing is a proud alumnus of Ocean Accelerator Class IV, a highly selective Cincinnati-based technology accelerator that only accepts up to 10 startups in its annual cohort.

Ocean Accelerator

Ocean deploys seed-stage capital to each of its portfolio companies.

Equity Investing Platforms


Republic is part of a family of startup platforms together with AngelList and Product Hunt — one of the most trusted online startup ecosystems in the world. They’ve worked incredibly hard to build a platform that allows a majority of the US population to invest in startups for the very first time.

We're proud to be partnering with Republic to host our latest fundraising round on their platform. Investing through Republic gives you a financial stake in R3 Printing, and they make things frictionless for both investors and their portfolio companies. Go to to invest and learn more.

Defense Industry Advisory

Decisive Point.png

Decisive Point is a venture advisory and investment firm. Their mission is to identify commercial solutions to meet government challenges, leveraging the best in private sector innovation to solve the USA’s most critical needs in defense.

Their domain expertise in federal acquisitions and national security, will allow us to get our superior additive manufacturing technology to the defense industry more quickly and efficiently than if we were doing it alone.

Product Testing Partners

To test the next generation of on-demand manufacturing hardware and get the valuable feedback we need to optimize our product for a full-scale launch, we’re proud to be partners with the below companies:

Testing Partners Logos