September 2018 - R3 Printing Newsletter

R3 Printing Friends: 

We've had a busy end of summer. We're pleased to share our progress. 



Republic Campaign concludes successfully.  
Our Republic equity crowdfunding campaign has concluded and we've successfully raised $97,978

This amount is 391% higher than our fundraising target. This provides us with substantial runway and gets us through full prototype testing.

Thank you to our new investors and those who helped us execute. Click HERE read about what we learned.

R3 Printing Does Founder University.

In early August we attended Jason Calacanis' Founder University in San Francisco. We learned a lot.

The 3-day intensive was incredibly instructive, with some of the best startup operators in the Bay Area sharing their most valuable tactics and strategies. 

After Founder University concluded, we spent an additional 3 weeks in the Bay Area in strategic meetings with prospective investors, mentors, and startup founders for long-term business development. 


Hardware Engineering.

We have discovered during motion testing that it's surprisingly tricky to collect thermal data while the R3 Printer's extrusion assembly is zipping around.

We're doubling back on our Thermal Endurance and Active Overheat Prevention tests to make sure the R3 Printer components are 100% thermally monitored at speed.

Design Engineering.  
The R3 Printer's Design Engineering workflow is fully mapped and we're 50% through execution. 
We're working with outside designers to get the R3 Printer design optimized. Our goal is an enterprise-grade 3D printer that looks good in a factory and doesn't break the bank.

CLICK HERE for our updated R3 Printer Prototype Workflow. 

On-Deck for October:

  • We are heads-down pushing through R3 Printer engineering and design development. 

  • The R3 Printing Team is growing. We have 2 interns joining the team to augment Dan with Business Development.

  • R3 Printing will be at the DEF2018 Conference in Denver, Colorado. We're meeting with MilTech-industry stakeholders who are interested in being prospective partners with R3 Printing.

Take Action:

No Asks for this month! Please keep rooting for us. :)


Thank you all for your continued support.

Dan & Paul

July 2018 - Last Call to Invest in R3 Printing & What We're Building


(Tl;dr Today is the final day to invest in R3 Printing and we’re happy to share the big wins we’ve had since the start of this campaign. To learn more or to participate, head over to

We founded R3 Printing with a deep understanding of current 3D printer problems and a unique insight into the massive opportunity made possible through solving these problems. Until recently, this unique insight has been challenging to fully convey in scope.

We are not just building a better 3D printer. The R3 Printer addresses current-printer issues that prevent the widespread adoption of all 3D printing technology. We see our innovation as doing for 3D Printer adoption what the mouse and GUI did for personal computer adoption.

We firmly believe in the Big Picture, the global opportunity that comes from seamless 3D printing: that widespread 3D printing infrastructure will lead to widespread on-demand manufacturing, and that on-demand manufacturing will do for physical product creation what software has done for computers.

And we are not alone in this vision. Our beta testing partners, the growing on-demand manufacturing industrythe US government, and many more fully understand what can be achieved through widespread on-demand manufacturing. This is our True North and the world we are working to build. 

Since the launch of our Republic fundraising campaign – and the open sharing of what we are building – we’ve developed substantial momentum.

In the last 100 Days, R3 Printing has:

- Won 1st Place at the 2018 Fordham Foundry Pitch Challenge.

- Graduated the Ocean Accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio.

- Raised over $150,000+ between angel and institutional investors.

- Invited to and participated in 2018 LAUNCH Festival Sydney – the world’s largest yearly startup event.

- Invited to and pitched at Chicago’s Technori, the city’s oldest tech recurring event. Technori companies have raised more than $290M in VC funding.

- Given the coveted BUY recommendation by Kingscrowd, the leading analysis service for ECF investment opportunities.

- Received substantial media coverage, including American InnoWGN Radio, and Technori Podcast.

We have big plans for the business, and we decided that we would raise money for R3 Printing, not just from accredited investors, but from those who have been tracking our journey and who are as passionate about 3D printing as we are. Tackling big problems requires great teams and we're on Republic to enlist the necessary help to succeed.

Paul and I have personally invested in this round, and thanks to the crowdfunding site Republic, both accredited and non-accredited investors can now participate, at a minimum investment of just $100.

In addition to owning an equity stake in R3 Printing, investors also get access to various perks at different levels (just like Kickstarter) – including ALL investors at $100+ being listed on our website as shareholders of the company (if you don’t want to be listed, that’s OK too).

Our fundraising round closes tonight at midnight. This is the final day to invest.

If you have questions about R3 Printing, please hit reply to this email.

To learn more or to participate, head over to


Thank you for your support. 



Dan & Paul


May 2018 - Newsletter

Friends of R3 Printing,

R3 Printing racked up some big wins this past month. We are excited to share our latest.



Republic Campaign a continuing success.  R3 Printing has raised $52,000+ in the last 40 days via the Republic platform. The campaign has brought an unexpected benefit: angel investors interested in private placements have emailed us directly. We are fielding info requests from angel investors via email and the Republic platform - and converting to investment dollars now. 


R3 Printing Graduates the Ocean Accelerator. We have graduated the Ocean Accelerator and concluded our time in Cincinnati.  Here is our Ocean Accelerator Demo Day Pitch. Our experience at Ocean was deeply consequential, giving us valuable feedback on our planned go-to-market strategy and product pricing.



WGN Startup Showcase Radio.  R3 Printing was featured on WGN's Startup Showcase Radio show. We spoke about the current shortfalls with on-market enterprise 3D printers and how the R3 Printer addresses those problems. We secured investment dollars directly from listeners who heard us on the program


Chicago's Technori Pitch Event.  We pitched at Technori in Chicago on May 29th. Technori is Chicago's oldest tech event. Technori companies have raised more than $290M in venture funding. Our video can be found here. Technori positively impacted our Republic campaign: several Chicago-based investors came on board after seeing us pitch.


Take Action:

Republic Investors: We are raising funds via the Republic campaign through Wednesday, July 11th. If you are interested in our opportunity, please check us out. If you know somebody who may be excited by what we're building, please send a note with our deal page


Thank you all for your continued support.

Dan & Paul

April 2018 - R3 Printing Launches Equity Crowdfunding Round w/ Republic

Friends of R3 Printing,

We are excited to announce that R3 Printing is launching an equity crowdfunding round in partnership with Republic.


What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) is a method of raising capital where people invest in private companies - exchanging money for an equity stake in the company. 


We chose to utilize the equity crowdfunding paradigm for 3 key reasons:

1. Open to Everyone. We've had a lot of our followers reach out about wanting to invest in R3 Printing while not being accredited investors. ECF provides a method for non-accredited investors to invest in our company.


2. Optimized Fundraising Process. As anyone who has raised capital knows, corralling accredited investors - whether angels, VCs, or other institutional entities- can be an incredibly complex and time-intensive process. ECF saves time and money, allowing us to focus on building an amazing product. 


3. Streamlined Investor Process. For accredited investors who regularly deploy capital, the process of investing in a startup is equally painful. Juggling concurrent deals with multiple startups is mentally taxing and unnecessarily expensive. ECF saves our accredited investors time and money, allowing them to focus on what they usually do best: provide strategic insight and guidance. 


What is Republic?
Republic is the leading equity crowdfunding platform on the web. A subsidiary of AngelList, the Republic team has a deep background in online startup fundraising and a strong institutional knowledge-base that can't be found elsewhere. Republic is highly selective - they only accept startups which meet their rigorous criteria and have a strong execution profile.

Take Action:
We Need Investors. The R3 Printing ECF will be active for the next 76 days. We are moving aggressively to court interested investors. If you are interested in investing, please check out our deal page.

We Need Investor Introductions. The ability to raise capital is often a function of the strength of your network. While we have been pretty good at getting the word out, we believe our true strength lies in those tracking our journey. If you know somebody who may be interested in investing, please feel free to make an email intro or direct them to our deal page. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Dan & Paul

April 2018 - R3 Printing Wins 2018 Fordham Foundry Pitch Challenge

Friends of R3 Printing,

We are pleased to announce that R3 Printing won the 2018 Fordham University Pitch Challenge.

Hosted by the Fordham Foundry, the 2018 Pitch Challenge saw 26 companies from New York City competing for a total pool of $20,000 in prize money.

After 3 rounds of elimination, R3 Printing took top prize, winning 1st place and $10,000 in prize money.

More about our journey from being in the stands in 2017 to winning the Grand Prize in 2018 - including photos - can be found here.


Next week - R3 Printing at Ocean Accelerator Demo Day.

We're at Ocean Accelerator Demo Day next Tuesday, April 24th @ 4PM EST. Tickets for attending and tickets for webcast are linked. Demo Day will provide us with a singular media event to showcase what we've been working on.


We invite you to check out the event. For those of you who are local to Cincinnati, the venue will be Crossroads FlorenceThere will be free beer and ice cream.

Thank you for tracking our journey. We appreciate the continued support. 



Dan & Paul

March 2018 - Newsletter

Friends of R3 Printing,

R3 Printing has made substantial progress this past month. We are excited to share our milestones.


Hardware Testing. R3 Printhead component testing is on schedule (link to workflow). We have completed weight testing, noise testing, and heat testing successfully. We are on schedule for completing R3 Printhead testing by Q3 2018



R3 Printing Does SXSW. Last week R3 Printing hit the road and visited Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest technology and entertainment festival. Our time in Austin was incredibly productive. We networked with leading tech industry operators and investors and they are excited about R3 Printing's product and vision. 

Strategic Partnerships. We have partnered with two 3D printing super-users - Halo Aerospace in West Palm Beach, Florida and Forge Manufacturing in Jacksonville, Florida - for prototype testing. These two companies will be testing our last-iteration prototypes before we move to manufacturing. 

Legal. We have successfully reincorporated, transferring from a New York-based LLC to a Delaware-based C Corporation. The new legal entity allows us to take on investor capital more efficiently. 

Upcoming Dates:
Fordham Pitch Competition: Sunday, April 8th. We will be competing at the Fordham University pitch competition in New York at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus. 
Ocean Accelerator Demo Day: Tuesday, April 24th. Our live pitch will be streamed globally. Let us know you're interested in watching online or joining us in person in Florence, Kentucky.


Take Action:

Media: Our journey through Ocean Accelerator - the nation's first and only faith-based startup accelerator - has been an incredible experience that we'd love to share. We'd love introductions to journalists or media outlets looking to do an inspirational thought-piece on our experience with the Ocean Accelerator and what this means for the 3D Printing industry as a whole. 


Thank you all for your continued support.

Dan & Paul

February 2018 - R3 Printing Does SXSW

Friends of R3 Printing,

We are proud to announce that R3 Printing will be in Austin, Texas next week for South by Southwest. 

SXSW is the largest annual technology and entertainment industry festival. Every March, members of the international tech and interactive-media industries converge on Austin for a few days of conferences, panels, and extensive networking. 

If you're in Austin next week and want to link up, please drop us a line.



Dan & Paul

January 2018 - R3 Printing Lands 1st Institutional Investor in Ocean Capital 


Friends of R3 Printing,


We are proud to announce that we have closed our first institutional investor in Ocean Capital - a Cincinnati-based venture capital firm - as part of our acceptance into the Ocean Accelerator program. Ocean Capital will be investing $50,000 for the further development of the R3 Printhead, our inaugural product. 


"R3 Printing is developing an exciting product for the enterprise additive manufacturing industry," said Lauren Tiffan, Director of Ocean Accelerator. "We were absolutely blown away by the work of Paul and Dan in developing their hardware. We believe that the market opportunity for their 3D printing product is substantial and that these are the guys to execute on it successfully."


The partners of Ocean Capital and the team at Ocean Accelerator have a deep background in manufacturing. They will be working with us in bringing the R3 Printhead to market in 2018. 


Thank you all for following our journey. We appreciate your continued support.

Dan & Paul


Key facts about Ocean Accelerator:

Proven Track Record of Producing Investment-Ready Startups: Average subsequent-round fundraising for Ocean Accelerator alumni seeking capital exceeds $500,000/round within first year of graduation. 

World's Largest Demo Day: Ocean Accelerator's 2017 Demo Day was a "sold-out event [that] drew 842 attendees with an additional 1,490 watching the program online", making it the world's largest in 2017. Investors from across the globe tuned in to discover the exciting new startups emerging from the Ocean Accelerator.

Selective Screening Process: Ocean Accelerator Class 4 had a 4% acceptance rate.

Value-Add Programming: Ocean Accelerator has a unique curriculum that blends traditional startup guidance with mission-oriented, faith-based education. This approach equips founders with necessary tools for crafting high-growth companies in an authentic, deeply-focused startup environment. 

December 2017 - Newsletter

Friends of R3 Printing,

We landed big wins in November and are proud to report on our progress. 


Wins in November:

- Finalized the R3 Printhead complete functional prototype (CFP). We've moved to the CFP Testing Phase to verify functionality.

- Partnered with Li-Leger Creative in Vancouver for prototype testing. This is our first international product partner. 

- Partnered with Jim Lillis of the NewBridge Advisory Group to come on board as our CFO-sourced. Jim comes from over 25 years in the financial services industry. He served as comptroller of BlackRock and was integral to bringing the company public in 1999. Jim has been a hands-on adviser to us for over a year via the Fordham Foundry

- Initialized our pre-fundraising marketing push via Medium. Check out our inaugural piece here. 


On Deck in December:

- R3 Printhead CFP Testing. We're starting with Dimensions Verification Tests and proceeding forward.  Check out our workflow here.   

- Closing 2 more prototype testing partners. 

- Finalizing all fundraising documents, inclusive of pitch decks and financials.

- Graduating from the Futureworks Incubator, Class '17. We'll be showing off prototypes at the Futureworks Incubator Showcase on 12/14 at Electropositive in Brooklyn. Doors open at 6:30PM. RSVP Here with passcode FWShowcase.


What we need help with: 

- We're looking for an experienced product design consultant to advise on the design for manufacturing (DFM) process. NY local small-batch manufacturing experience a plus.

- We're looking for an executive coach specializing in early-stage startups.

- We're looking for feedback from institutional investors or angel investors on our fundraising documents and pitch. 


In case you missed it last time: 

- R3 Printhead Prototype Demo Video:

- About us:


Thank you all for following our journey. We appreciate your continued support.

Dan & Paul